Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mystery chair

So we went to the library the other day. Besides books, of course, there's a little sort of toddler play area, in which we duly played. I was fascinated by these amazing wooden chairs, sort of round and slotted and just really cool. They seemed way too cool to be lurking in the library. So I took a picture with my phone (which I can't post, but will later) and came back and Googled, and they're made by Lakeshore. They aren't these, although they are similar.

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Remade shirts from the Netherlands on Etsy...I'm getting an Oilily sort of vibe here.

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Happy baby

We're sort of past baby blankets, but do I love this! Of course, everything at Mahar Dry Goods is pretty covetable. Here's it's all about the color combo, of course.


Sale's dotter

Lotta Jansdotter is having a bag sale. If I weren't a bit too, erm, fond of bags, I might have money to buy some. You'll just have to do it for me.

I love this one with the leather handle.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sticky bird

I can't find a really good picture anywhere, but did you know Post-It had nice little bird designs? I got some for my birthday today, but they aren't even the ones pictured here; they're round. If you see some online, mail me. They're actual brand Post-It notes, too.

(I know, I know, birds are so over. I don't care, I like 'em.)


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy baby

Organic, and cute as hell.

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Envirosax's US website is now online.

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