Friday, May 19, 2006

Pretty in pixels

Pixel Pieces and Kids Wear This are on my new fun favorites list. There's a lot of "hip cutester" clothes on the market (not enough in my closet, of course) and this stuff definitely fits into that category. Their prints in the Miss S collection are excellent and the graphics on the Pixel T-shirts are very, very cute. (I like the purple and green color scheme.) They do a little pack that is good for a gift or to keep in a diaper bag for, well, um, you know...those days when one set of clothes just ain't enough. However, I don't want to keep nice stuff languishing around in a bag. I mean, come on.

The site is sort of hard to navigate (those little black captions under the photos are links that you have to click on to actually see stuff). But find your way over to the bedding sets -- now those I really covet.

I have inside dope that they may be opening up a retail place in Los Angeles, but for now they're just in other people's stores. (Including at SFMOMA's irritatingly named "MuseumStore" -- yes, one word. Ugh. But I love the store.)


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