Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Short sleeves

Laptop sleeves are neat. Not only are they useful -- make any bag a computer bag! -- but you can get fun with them. Because face it...laptops just aren't that nice-looking (except a few Macs) on their own. These are nice, and they're silk. My favorite, though, is this black one with a poppy.


Blogger caroline said...

no, but really...you. are. me.

haha, i'm so glad you came across my blog because now i'm adding yours to my 'everyday' list.

and i have the bright green laptop sleeve with the poppy! it's very handy because i tend to carry huge bags all the time, so i can just throw my ibook in the sleeve and throw that in my bag and be on my way. much easier than dealing with the bulk of a laptop bag AND a purse.

11:06 PM  
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