Sunday, August 20, 2006

The thing about wristlets...

So here's the thing. I really wanted a new wristlet, because the thing I was using (pouch plus an umbrella handle strap!) broke. And it had to be a wristlet for various lifestyle reasons that I won't go into.

Now, I looked high and I looked low. I looked online and I looked off. I found nothing.

Except, one day there were wristlets everywhere! This makes me a little annoyed. What, is there a wristlet season now?

But anyway, here are some I like.

Gap. It's a pretty nice leather and the color is much more interesting in person -- almost a salmon (cooked). There was a wall of wristlets at Old Navy but I don't see them online. They matched these bags, though, in soft pretend leather. (Don't knock pretend leather, it's good with drool.)

Paul & Joe in Targetland. This is pretty cute, in spite of how logo-ish it is.

I love this, in the otherwise utterly boring Banana Republic. (What are they thinking? I used to like this store but I felt like I was falling asleep the moment I walked in.)

This in white leather with pink trim really got me, but it's very small.


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