Friday, September 15, 2006

West is west...

You know L'Occitane, the French chain that has now taken over the world with its excellent marketing of body products? Well, they have always had fantastic packaging. The pictures don't do them justice. What I'm impressed with is how they've used plastic (thus kept things cheap) to simulate the elegance of glass. Now you may be of the camp that hates imitation, but I really think my plastic shampoo bottles should be pretty.

Having said that, this below actually is glass.

Here we have a look I'll call "handwritten by the farmer's wife." The tube is a nice matte silver.

The brilliance here is the crooked label, which actually wraps around a corner of the bottle. The cap looks like metal but is plastic.

Again a nice cap, and an overall nice bottle shape. "L'Occitane" is written (not the right word...) on the bottle as if on glass.

Again plastic, with a really nice shape. You can't totally see it, but there are sort of ridges all the way round.


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