Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Vacation mentions

Just back from my week in the old hometown, and I just want to give a couple of shout-outs.

Mustard Seed Cafe at 1948 Hillhurst, in Los Feliz, is a great place to go with a babe or kid. Mine had her first crayon experience there (they cover the tables with butcher paper) and it was very satisfying. The food is very good -- salmon scrambles, BLATs, burgers on wheat buns, salads, you know the thing.

And for the car, can I recommend Putumayo's African Playground. It is, I warn you, unremittingly jolly. Do not listen to this if you are in a mood of irony or cynicism. But really, I mean, would you prefer Raffi?

I'm not sure I should give away my secret urban playground...let's just say that mammoth, empty discount shoe warehouses have long aisles for running, boxes to lift and unpack, and -- best of all -- friendly and/or uncaring staff. All of this is good for babies, and for adults there are shoes to look at.

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