Sunday, February 03, 2008

Seven things for Caroline

It's, you know, a blogger thing. Everyone does something at once. I got passed the buck by i am a greedy girl (love the new header, by the way).

Seven weird things about mcpm (but are they weird? I don't even know):

Egy: I love dragons. At my age!
Kettő: I can never remember which way to turn on my windshield wipers and which way is off.
Három: I like to dance around on slidey supermarket floors. (My mom says I've been doing this for a long time.) I usually restrain myself but sometimes I catch myself shuffling down the aisle.
Négy: I am scared of mold.
Öt: I hate, hate, hate air freshener.
Hat: I prefer clutter.
Hét: I learned (learned!) Hungarian. That must be weird.


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