Saturday, April 01, 2006

Francis, Francis, I adore you

I am a coffee person, let's start with that. In high school I worked at a coffee house where my bosses were pretty strict about making it right. I still latte myself up every morning and my bubbles are silky smooth, even on a very low-end machine.


Ever since I met Francis Francis! in Europe, I have been coveting the X1 with great intensity. How can you not love this? It's so beautiful. The simplicity! The color palette! The metal switches! The little girl's face! Yes, the reviews are mixed -- some feel it's too fiddly -- but CoffeeGeek is happy and that's enough for me.

I would love to live a life where everything functional was also a masterpiece of form. In this imaginary life, I make my coffee with the FF X1.

Words to live by (from the Francis Francis! site):
The espresso machine would no longer be a misshapen, parallel-piped object, an inexpressive thing that should be hidden away in a cupboard. It would be a beautiful coffee machine, which would fill the kitchen with joy, be pleasing in design and inviting to the touch…". (Francesco Illy)


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