Saturday, April 15, 2006

Keep your eye on Halsea

I have a nice rollie -- it's Samsonite, pretty nice-looking and very, very functional. However, I have that problem that is known as (well, should be known as) Black Rollie Syndrome. That is, in spite of the fact I have festooned my rollie with colored shoelaces (seriously), it's incredibly hard to spot on the armored conveyor belt thing.

This above is my way of pretending I need the Halsea rollie because it will help me get out of the airport faster. Sounds good, doesn't it? But really I just covet it because it's so damn cute. I also really like the weekender bag, which actually is the size of something I'd take for a weekend. Look at that nifty pattern! And the contrasting handles!

Halsea is a brand new line, so now is the time to grab one if you can -- I saw the bags at Behind the Post Office in San Francisco. Now if she'd only do a diaper bag...


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