Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am too old for these?

I got a new phone recently, and while it's definitely a good phone, it's certainly not beautiful.

The phones I really like, though, are the kid phones. The only thing holding me back is the lack of a keypad. Could make actually, um, phoning kind of hard.

There's one cute little buggy one called the Migo, although I do worry that they mean 'Me Go' and that's just lame. I like the color and the way it looks like it's about to extrude little legs and waddle away.

The Firefly is more of the 'space alien pill' style of item, but is still pretty appealing. It looks like it's clear, in the style of those old Swatch watches. I love when you can see the works.

This is an unnamed South Korean phone -- actually, I think this might be the i-Kids one, which doesn't work or something like that. I didn't do much research. It's not quite as cute but it still has a breakfast-cereal-toy appeal.


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