Friday, February 13, 2009

Pedal power

I've posted about tricycles before, but recently I had to actually buy one after my daughter's Radio Flyer with Pushbar (not interesting, nor well made, but cheaper than a Kettler) fell apart for the umpteenth time. She's getting bigger anyway, and we could have gone to a tiny two-wheeler, but she's not a speed demon and we thought she'd be better with a trike still.

We went head to head with these two.

This is a Schwinn. I had a Schwinn when I was a kid, and though I think they've been bought since then, I have a smidge of brand nostalgia.

This is a Giant. (A Li'l Giant, which is a silly name. But whatever. It still says Giant on the deck.)

We went with the Giant (in pink, naturally), because it's a crazy good bike. It's not heavy, for one thing. It goes very speedily on the sidewalk, it looks great, the hardware seems very, very sturdy, and it didn't cost much more than the other. And less than a Kettler, for sure.

We slapped a basket with fake plastic flowers on it and she was good to go.

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Blogger Kitt said...

Good choice! I like the rgular seat on the Giant, rather than the bucket seat. The latter is too much like a Big Wheel.

3:29 PM  

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