Friday, September 25, 2009

Swingin' in the breeze

So the first time round, I made a mobile for the babe. I found some stark black and white stuff, like the Target logo, printed it and glued it to cardboard stuck them to popsicle sticks and took two wire hangers and bingo, infant mobile. The hardest part was tying the yarn right in the middle of the popsicle stick (actually from popsicles, too - Trader Joe's lime fruit floes).

I think we still have it but it's probably wack after being crushed in the closet for four years and I'm not sure I have the mojo to make a new one.

On some blog (sorry, can't remember where) I saw someone talking about getting a handmade one off Etsy, which seems like a good idea.

However, most of the Etsy ones are not fantastic. They often fall into the trap of 'stuff facing the parent not the baby.' Or they're paper, and will get crushed the minute an infant fist accidentally comes in reach.

I like the idea of this, though.

It's nice, and because it's foam it's light, but there should be more cool crafty mobiles out there. Don't let me down, Etsy!

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