Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stringing me along

I recently got a bag of blog swag from 1000 Markets, a new Etsy rival. There was one thing in there that I've come to really love - earrings by Cheap Date made out of guitar strings.

Now, I hate the word 'upcycled'. So that nearly put me off them immediately. But let me tell you why I love them: they're light. Super light. I hate heavy earrings with a passion and these are so light that I forget I'm wearing them, go to bed, and end up with them tangled in my hair. Sorry, that was beside the point. They're great, anyway. And no one would know they're strings, so I can avoid looking like some weird band groupie.

(It occurs to me that both my friends named Cara would probably appreciate jewelry from a place called Cheap Date. A coincidence?)

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Blogger Cara deBeer said...

And they're made out of guitar strings! That PLUS the cheap dates thing totally puts me over the edge - I need them.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Maya! Cheap Date Jewelry here, I'm so glad you like the guitar string earrings!! those very strings are retired from Boston musicians!! Thanks for the shout out!!


3:03 PM  

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