Sunday, April 02, 2006

Baby Covet Roundup #1 -- but you don't have to have a baby to covet this stuff

All babe clothes are cute. That is more or less true (except that some are hideous, but we pretend they don't exist). But of the cute, there are brands that stand out -- like Zutano. Now, not everything at Zutano is covetable. But some of their patterns are so excellent, and the fact that they have cute patterns at all is pretty rare in the baby rag game. One of my favorites is Big Dot, which they have at Oliebollen, one of the many "cute stuff for kids" sites around. Oliebollen also carries egg + avocado stuff, like this very slick jacket.

Half the time, when I'm coveting this stuff, I wish I could buy it for myself! For example, I really like this Bu and the Duck bag, although I don't even know if it's for a kid or a grownup. I don't care, it's mega-slick. And all of the vivid, comfy cotton things at Entertaining Elephants look so cozy, and their "philosophy of stuff" is all about good materials and lasting items -- plus, on their site it says, "Spring has sprung. Time for a new dress!" Now that's a sentiment I can get behind.

Oh, covet...check out Katvig. That is about the best opening photo I have ever seen. All their stuff is fabulous, especially the clean, abstract apple graphic, in large -- on gramps to the right -- and mini. And forget the baby stuff, I want some of this for myself. The accessories are also slick -- what fun sheets!

I really like Skummis. They are sort of the fun, clever version of the Bop -- you can play with it (it's clearly an "it"), but you can also stick the babe in there during those sitting practice sessions, or use it as a pillow. I like the iea of a bunch of them hanging out on the couch. The Swedish site is incomprehensible because, well, it's in Swedish, natch. But those weird running shapes are actually what they look like. The interesting Salvor Kiosk has them but not for long.


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