Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Baby Covet Roundup #2

Yeah, yeah, another post about baby stuff. Sorry. But hey, I would totally wear these shoes by Buskins (if they had a bit more structure). I'm tired of cartoony decor for babies -- they don't care anyway, so they might as well look flash. Isn't that a nice retro stripe?

I like the Kringelring -- yes, that is what it's called. On sale at Padilly, it's made by Haba, the German maker of wooden toys for babes. Not all Haba toys are so cute, unfortunately. Some are downright annoying. But most are pretty decent, and certainly better to chew on. (For fun, visit not the Haba US page but the original German page, via Babelfish. "An exciting world from colors, forms and noises expects me. How their me to help can to understand this world?" I love machine translation.) If I were in charge of the world, I would love to replace all our plastic toys with Haba versions. And I really wish I'd seen this before -- for a Baby Containment Device it's remarkably unhideous and comfy-looking.

I love me some babylegs, oh yes I do. They are great for keeping the cold breeze away and the socks on, plus they look fantastic. We have these orange ones and they are super cool, oh yes. Wouldn't they look cute with those shoes up above?


Anonymous Sally Bartz said...

Hi Maya-
Those baby shoes are too cute. I'm a fan of the Robeez, but those sporty strips take the cake.
Thanks for finding the latest and greatest!

11:10 AM  

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