Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baby Covet Roundup #4

Oh, Jeeto! I love this stuff -- bright graphic tees with simple, high-contrast designs. The grasshopper! The airplane! My only problem is that my own particularly baby happens to be a drooler and a bib would cover up the fun bit.

OK, I admit that I don't need a Dipees and Wipees thingamajig. I could use, say, a ziploc bag to hold a couple diapers and wipes. But that would be boring. These little pockets (to throw in a non-diaper bag, for instance) are super-cute. (I just have to mention that the company is based in a town called -- seriously -- Flower Mound. That's amazing.)

(Addendum: I don't use a Bjorn, I'm more of a Patapum person, but I like this idea from Baby Bella Maya -- covers to make a Bjorn-type carrier pretty. It's a panel of fabric that slips on. But they need funkier fabrics to really be covetable.)


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