Sunday, September 17, 2006

Red and white all over

Here I am, posting about IKEA again. I swear I don't work for them! But my mother bought this little tableware set for the babe, for our visit, and I was shocked at (a) how designy it was, and (b) how well it performed, functionally.

No, the sippy cup does not have ergonomic, rubber-grip handles. It doesn't even have a valve (shock!). But babe could drink from it very well, and had fun using the spoon (with its ice cream scooper-like bowl) to bash things with. The cup also has a circle of differently textured plastic on the front, very mid-century design element.

The best item is the bowl. At first it looks like a plain white plastic bowl, but really it's tilted. Very nice. The red and white color scheme is even more suggestive of the 1950s and it's IKEA priced. (Oh yeah, and it has one of those kooky IKEA names.)


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