Monday, September 15, 2008

Heaps of covet

I went to Borders today to get an ipod cover.

Actually first I went to Barnes & Nobles, realized it wasn't the one with Paperchase in it, drove a couple blocks and parked at a Borders, got confused again, tried to concentrate, realized I was finally in the right place and went inside.

Anyway, I love Paperchase, and not just the notebooks. There was a sort of narrow melamine tray that I seriously coveted, but I was trying not to be indulgent. I did buy some presents (almost as fun as buying stuff for myself) and an ipod cover of silver with crazy pink cartoon cats rocking out. It actually wasn't my favorite pattern (there are a bunch of themes and then various products with the pattern) but it was the best they had in the store and is pretty fun and not serious.

So, some stuff I liked...

A CD case made of metal! With a zipper.

One of the many totes.

A place to put your [insert form of public transportation here] card.

Dish towels! Never too many...

A tumbler. There were also mugs -- china, although thin.
Finally, the tray I loved. It was even better in person.

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