Friday, September 12, 2008

Six glasses a day

I can't remember if they found me or I found them, but another company -- small, this time -- is jumping on the wagon of nice water bottles.

Earthlust is a small company that makes these stainless steel bottles -- I asked the owner (a mother, yay) what made her bottles different and she said Siggs are aluminum and that everyone should have a bottle that they like and think is nice looking, and that's such in line with the philosophy of this blog...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although commendable I'm sorry to say that these aluminum or stainless bottles are made in China with the rest of the world's supply. They cannot and are not made in the US. Materials are just simply not available. There are many companies including CynerGreen and Klean Kanteen that have these reusable, great bottles available as well - they are very honest, saying their bottles are Responsibly made in China, and they are green companies - it's not necessary for this company to say that they manufacture them or that they are from their "mold". It's simply not the truth and people shouldnt think they are made otherwise.

10:05 PM  

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