Sunday, September 21, 2008

Which one?

OK, these are the ones I'm looking at, on eBags.

This one is kind of cool by being vertical. It comes in a lot of colors -- I think yellow is unusual for laptops.

Timbuk2 is well made -- that handle looks thick for carrying this thing around. (Just realized, the laptop weighs more than my daughter did at birth.)

This one is kind of interesting. It also comes in green (no pic, though). It looks roomy.

This one is almost perfect -- it's just a sleeve, not a bag, but has a long strap, which could be really useful. But this pretty nutso design is actually the best of the bunch. (Silver skulls? Piled up cars? Sunset w. palm tree?) Usually I want stuff to be more colorful and patterned, but right now I'm wishing this just came in plain red or something.

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