Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Window dressing

I got this catalogue in the mail. CB2. I've seen the stores around, but never looked into one.

The catalogue, though, entrances me, and this is why - I've become fascinated with the pretend reading matter scattered through the scenes. I don't even know what it's supposed to reflect - is it an aspirational lifestyle to read the New Yorker, the NYT and Twilight? The bathroom has National Geographic (currently laying people off, apparently). There are also the inescapable Large Design Books and, of course, everyone uses a Mac.

There is some ok stuff in the catalogue but it's very IKEA and I'd rather just go straight to the funfair land of slides and macaroni and cheese (most people think of meatballs, but a family member is addicted to the mac).

Added: Those reviews are totally fake! CB2, in my book you are busted. There is no way a pitcher can have that many good reviews because real people are picky and grumpy. Also, take note, real people don't spell well and use poor grammar. Especially in reviews.

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