Friday, March 31, 2006

Tip-Top Tepper

I covet all Tepper Jackson stuff. Especially the bags, like this one. No, wait, this one. Help!

And how slick are the passport cases... A very useful article.

They have matching PJs and robes but they are less coveted -- although I certainly wouldn't turn a pair down. But then I'd certainly have to go down to the supermarket in my matching bag and sleeping ensemble.

Memory Pig

Back at Etsy, someone has put USB flash memory into farmyard animals. Brilliance like this deserves to be rewarded. (But I want at least a gig of pig -- what's with this 64 mb?)

You're in the army now, girl

In the baby army, that is. Reveille is early, you march a lot, your officer yells at any slight infraction, leave is scarce and both adrenaline and tedium are high. That's why Mommy Tags are brilliant. I really, really want a set. Not only do they symbolize the wonderful slavery of momhood (you get the babe's name and birthday on it), they are very nice-looking and made out of ground-up film somehow. Mother's Day is coming...

The designer, Maize Hutton, has a lot of nice, clever stuff, like the Birdie Charm. Yes, another bird.


I live in a place where a lot of people have enough money for expensive strollers. But they all choose the Bugaboo. Why? When the Norwegians have brought us the fab Stokke ? The babe is high up, which makes so much sense. So damn sensible. The only thing I dislike is the name of the stroller...I refuse to say it, it's just dumb. But you can see it if you click through.

Yeah, the Bug is nice, but the Stoke is Covetable.

Again with the birds?

The wonderful Etsy is my newest bad habit -- and it's one of the only sites I know where animation is both beautiful and (gasp!) functional.

So I want this shirt. Because it's slick, original and has a mysterious 12 on it. It's an American Apparel boat-neck and the design is by bonspiel. She (?) says she loves "simplicity, clarity, texture, charm, cuteness and strangeness." Friend!

Bright birdies

A lot of the coveting I've been doing lately is baby-related, which is how I ended up at Nonchalant Mom. I like their aesthetic but they are a little pricey. Actually, they hover in that range of "just cheap enough to tempt me but more than I should spend."

What I really like, though, are these. I love the woodcut style of the images, I love the colors -- bright but not cheaply so -- and I love that they are melanine, which is such a fun material. And look at the beautiful flowers in the red plate! Love them. Wouldn't it be fun to have breakfast on these? And Babe couldn't break them when she faked me out and grabbed one.

They are from Thomas Paul, who also has plates and trays with "Asian" flowers...a sure path to Covetable Status!

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