Sunday, February 24, 2008

Winged migration

This wallpaper promises to be easy to hang, and removable.

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I spy with my little eye...

I'm not a biker, but I think this wallpaper is pretty damn covetable.

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There's a big, awkward space above my couch. I can't put something framed up there, because it might fall on somebody's head (earthquakes+sofa bed+frequent visitor). I was thinking cloth, but then I thought how fun it would be to just wallpaper that entire wall.

Actually I'm sure I won't do this, since it's not my wall, so to speak, but it's fun to look at wallpaper.

Orla Kiely! Would look nice with plum couch.

Random 1970s paper, but like the blue a lot.

Maybe too busy? But nice green.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

The early bird catches the worm

I love these. Love them! Is this Jayne Jenni person the same one as does those (similar) pins? I don't know, but did I mention these are great?

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Saturday, February 09, 2008


On Retromodgirl's blog, I saw a link to a great Etsy provider of vinyl cuteness.

I have to say, I'm a little over vinyl. It doesn't hold up well and it's kind of floppy and awkward. But these are nice.

Plus, you know, it's a wristlet. With a bird.

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Sax of love

Envirosax sent me a love note (no bag included, alas) about their special Valentine's version -- I don't know how romantic these are, but they're cute as hell, and they're useful.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eddie Bauer Junior

I just got an Eddie Bauer catalogue that puzzles me. It's like EB suddenly morphed into Title Nine with a dash of J.Crew-ten-years-ago. Which isn't bad, actually.

I mean, this raincoat is fab.

And I like the turquoise and coral on this cardigan.

And these are sweatpants! That's my ideal, loungewear that you can wear out, or maybe it's real clothes made out of extra-comfy fabrics.

There's still a bunch of weirdly bulky, unflattering stuff, though. And the men's section is exactly the same. (Does this mean the male audience just got younger trophy wives or something?)

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Carpet ride

A brilliant idea! An outdoor rug that looks like, well, a rug. Made of recycled plastic.

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Dancing pleat to pleat

Wristlets, wristlets, rolly-polly wristlets...

My pink one is holding out, but I find this gray one pretty attractive. It looks like a nice size.

Actually, it looks better in the J. Jill catalogue, where it's photographed on a white background and not this mushy taupey beigey stuff. It also looks more gray and less silver in the catalogue.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Logos I like

The real point of this paint is that it's not awful and carcinogenic, but I'm really blogging it for the label. Please don't ask for depth at this blog!

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Sunday, February 03, 2008


I really like this Clarks shoe. It seems like a comfy, everyday, lasting (!) ballet flat.


Seven things for Caroline

It's, you know, a blogger thing. Everyone does something at once. I got passed the buck by i am a greedy girl (love the new header, by the way).

Seven weird things about mcpm (but are they weird? I don't even know):

Egy: I love dragons. At my age!
Kettő: I can never remember which way to turn on my windshield wipers and which way is off.
Három: I like to dance around on slidey supermarket floors. (My mom says I've been doing this for a long time.) I usually restrain myself but sometimes I catch myself shuffling down the aisle.
Négy: I am scared of mold.
Öt: I hate, hate, hate air freshener.
Hat: I prefer clutter.
Hét: I learned (learned!) Hungarian. That must be weird.

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