Saturday, January 31, 2009

Speak to me

These are great. I've seen them on a bunch of blogs.

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Crank it up

This little ipod amp is nice to look at, plus you can charge it by crank or solar panel. Probably pretty low quality sound, but it's cute. I love the way crank energy is coming back. We have an ancient, pre-war flashlight that works that way, only it drives the dog crazy.

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Eat and go

I saw these at Whole Foods the other day (prior to my daughter devouring what seemed like seventy dollars worth of freeze-dried strawberries).

The cutlery is nice, the oil-cloth wrapper is nice. I'd certainly forget to take them with me after I washed them, but that's just me.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Square covet

I like these scrabble tile necklaces from Little Bluebird Studios on Etsy. There are a million types and she ships them in a test tube and they're on sale, so check 'em out.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home town

I first saw this hanging in the window at Park Life. Of course, I love it. It combines a bunch of things I like -- words, maps, geeky information art...

They're by Ork Posters. I say "they" because there are a bunch of them, although clearly Obama should set up a new agency just to expand this program into every city with more than 300,000 people. Right?

(I'm wondering, though, whether there were fights about neighborhood boundaries and names. You know how people get...)

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Up the river

Sometimes on Etsy, consistency can be hard to find. And custom clothes at affordable (to me) prices are definitely hard to find. That's why AftonRiver's shop is so covetable.

These are thoughtful, fanciful, great everyday things -- they're fun and pretty and in nice colors.

What's not to like?

This looks like an incredibly comfortable dress, and the hem is fantastic.

Also great. She is all about the ruffle.

If you can pull off shoulderless, this is nice. Also doubles as a maternity skirt. That's good thinking.

And the girl makes jackets, too.

This might be my favorite, even though it's not a skirt. A gorgeous t-shirt, a gorgeous color.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fred's mix tape, plus a PSA

There is always something good at Fred Flare -- and that reminds me to go check out their 3D store when I'm next in Brooklyn.

But anyway, I find this very covetable. Shows how old I am!

It would be a good one for the farmers' market, along with my Ray Fenwick one from BlueQ, which I think of as a public service announcement.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

You can actually buy this lamp.

I'd buy this in a second (in the imaginary monopoly money world). It would be like having your own Claes Oldenburg sculpture in the house. The photo is pretty hilarious, too.

(I have to add -- Anglepoise needs to polish their web copy a little. They're not doing themselves any favors.)

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OK, so nothing beats a Tivoli, as we know.

But I do like the way this looks, although I suspect it's (like those Target ones) pretty cheap in construction.

This one totally looks like a Tivoli knockoff -- but, you know, I'd prefer people found inspiration in awesome-looking stuff rather than making more of those radios with the funny lights.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Object of desire

I am ridiculously excited for Objectified, the new film by Gary "Helvetica" Hustwit.

Until the premiere (hey, someone invite me to that), we'll just have to be satisfied with this:

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Tick, tick, tick, silence

Here's another cool thing I got. (I now have far, far too many clocks.)

The only problem is that I have to remember to wind this one.

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Play it, sam

So everyone knows the Playsam cars.

But not to brag, I got something for Christmas that's even better. A Playsam airplane. Don't you wish real airplanes looked like this? (But with windows. And able to fly.)

It's like this, but silver -- and that's better, because the silver has a real depth to the finish and is very, very nice to hold in your hand.

I have to say that I like this swish car, though. (Apparently this is an executive toy. That makes being an executive sound very attractive.)

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Ain't nothing but a retro thing

I have a new favorite blog, Retro Thing. (The name says it all, really.)

From Retro Thing I got to RadioSalon, which is a site to make your mouth water. Check it out.

And also Marshall Alexander's foldable art.

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