Thursday, September 25, 2008

The case of the yellow dresser

Hey, doesn't this...

...look a little like this?

Only like seven zillion dollars cheaper. (I actually took this photo in the as-is section of IKEA.)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's a pinder when it's at home?

Some anonymous commenter told me to check out this site - Pinder Bags.

This is a great bag -- sort of a sleeve, sort of a bag, just how I like 'em. Apparently the sale ended yesterday, though.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Fly like a swallow

I was admonished to try Etsy for the laptop problem -- of course I just end up seeing cute stuff.

Like this. The seller has a lot of other good stuff, too, including canvas messenger bags.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tote awes

Love this!



Hmm, I'm getting intrigued by Crumpler bags. (The website is alternately lots of fun and headbangingly hard to navigate. Yeah, design guys, I'm sure everything is there and so, so intuitively placed...)

Anyway, I like this one -- called Skivvy. (All the names are mad cool, as some people say.)

I wouldn't choose black, myself, but this is a good bag -- not too professional, not too unprofessional.

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Which one?

OK, these are the ones I'm looking at, on eBags.

This one is kind of cool by being vertical. It comes in a lot of colors -- I think yellow is unusual for laptops.

Timbuk2 is well made -- that handle looks thick for carrying this thing around. (Just realized, the laptop weighs more than my daughter did at birth.)

This one is kind of interesting. It also comes in green (no pic, though). It looks roomy.

This one is almost perfect -- it's just a sleeve, not a bag, but has a long strap, which could be really useful. But this pretty nutso design is actually the best of the bunch. (Silver skulls? Piled up cars? Sunset w. palm tree?) Usually I want stuff to be more colorful and patterned, but right now I'm wishing this just came in plain red or something.

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Another post about laptop sleeves? Sheesh.

My laptop died. So I inherited another one, which is huge and my good old BuiltNY sleeve no longer fits. So I need something else -- with a handle, because this thing is enormous.

This doesn't have a handle, but I like it.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's sort of cheating to cover Fluevog on this blog. At least 50% of every collection is highly covetable -- and though unaffordable in my present situation, not truly *that* expensive.

From my last perusal:

Awesome, and those heels look comfy.

Clearance! A hundred bucks for swanky flats.

These would look amazing with everything. Check the pink lining...

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ring around the world

Just realized this is my 401st post, which seems like some kind of a milestone!

But anyway, back to covet. Love this ring from indie round-up site Smashing Darling (shouldn't there be a comma in there? maybe not, kids these days...) -- imagine a curated sort of Etsy. The ring's from a west coast jeweler whose store name I like a lot: go robot! I think the ring is funky and elegant at the same time, always a hard thing to pull off.

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Another one

Another Sigg-off!

At Paperchase in Border's.

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Heaps of covet

I went to Borders today to get an ipod cover.

Actually first I went to Barnes & Nobles, realized it wasn't the one with Paperchase in it, drove a couple blocks and parked at a Borders, got confused again, tried to concentrate, realized I was finally in the right place and went inside.

Anyway, I love Paperchase, and not just the notebooks. There was a sort of narrow melamine tray that I seriously coveted, but I was trying not to be indulgent. I did buy some presents (almost as fun as buying stuff for myself) and an ipod cover of silver with crazy pink cartoon cats rocking out. It actually wasn't my favorite pattern (there are a bunch of themes and then various products with the pattern) but it was the best they had in the store and is pretty fun and not serious.

So, some stuff I liked...

A CD case made of metal! With a zipper.

One of the many totes.

A place to put your [insert form of public transportation here] card.

Dish towels! Never too many...

A tumbler. There were also mugs -- china, although thin.
Finally, the tray I loved. It was even better in person.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Snap it!

So hey, Fred Flare is opening a store in Brooklyn, which is interesting if you live in, or are going to, Brooklyn.

I wonder how all that stuff will look in person. Online I always find at least one thing to covet -- like this man's shirt, which I would definitely wear if I were a man (because the picture would lie flat).

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Six glasses a day

I can't remember if they found me or I found them, but another company -- small, this time -- is jumping on the wagon of nice water bottles.

Earthlust is a small company that makes these stainless steel bottles -- I asked the owner (a mother, yay) what made her bottles different and she said Siggs are aluminum and that everyone should have a bottle that they like and think is nice looking, and that's such in line with the philosophy of this blog...

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OK, so the popularity of Sigg bottles and other such has finally penetrated to the mainstream.

I didn't take a photo at the store, and now I'm sorry because I can't find them online, but Old Navy was totally selling a Sigg-style water bottle in some stripy colors.

And then I just got an LL Bean catalog and saw this.

And it's even called "Bean Canteen" so you know where they're getting their inspiration. Or maybe their actual product -- which I would prefer.

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Monday, September 08, 2008


Many, many people have told me I should watch Helvetica.

But, you know, time slips away and you forget, and then you remember, and you get if from Netflix and you love it and want to tell all those people they were right but you've forgotten their names.

Anyway, this post isn't really about that.

It's about this scarf, which is cute. And not in Helvetica.

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