Monday, July 21, 2008

Target and a label I like

Found these in the dollar bin at Target. I know, birds and owls are getting a bit old, but still, pretty nice for a buck.

And then this is the bathroom -- what a great-looking machine! (And a stealth shot of me, yes.) Only, how do you pronounce this name?

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Come with me to a far-off place

Very, very covetable -- these are time travel posters by Echo Park Travel Mart, benefiting 826 Valencia's Los Angeles version. These were practically invented for me -- retro travel meets scifi? Love it.

I want them all!

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Non-tangible covet

This is my wordle -- or the wordle of this page of the blog, anyway. Isn't it gorgeous? I found out about it at Gawker.

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Case not yet closed

Still on the search for the right nano case. So many I always leave it in? I'd rather not, but then if I take it in and out I'll probably scratch it as much as if it had no case?

(So I'm not actually worrying about this too much. It's not disturbing my sleep or anything.)

I kind of like this case, with the contrasting zipper, but it has a dorky clip on the back.

They also make a skintight type, and it is a nice color and has an interesting back.

And then, if you can sift through a million hideous skins, there are some tolerable ones.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hold the music

There's this blue one, but it's a bit bulky and doesn't protect the screen.

I like the clip on the red one.

This one actually seems to protect the thing, and is made to look like a biscuit, but then I'd never take it off and that seems sort of pointless, as the ipod is so pretty.


The other ren fair

The Renegade Craft Fair is tomorrow in San Francisco. Tons of covet there.



I really like to drink wine, but I am not in any way an expert. And, of course, I really pick wine by the label. (I mean, come on, admit do too.)

Anyway, I love this label for Beauzeaux (ha). It looks like an old New Yorker cartoon.

Haven't tasted the wine, though.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Carry you

Of course I love Sigg water bottles.

And since I saw the below at a local store, I have been drooling... I honestly can't justify buying it, but isn't it gorgeous? It has a whatsit top, like an old jar.

This, on the other hand, is Klean Kanteen.

Note the lame name, the uninspired shape, the dismal logo.

And yet...

And yet.

It's a much better bottle. Bigger, but easy to carry, easier to drink from with a wide mouth. I'm sure it will get dented, too, but it seems to take falls better than Sigg, too.

So I've failed to adhere to my own principals, dear readers. (Unless I can convince Kleen Kanteen to partner with some new designer...)



I am getting a new ipod -- this one, but without the picture of Nelly Furtado.

Anyway, I suppose I'll need a case for it, which would be a fun quest except there are so many. I'll keep you updated.


Tricked out

I am not really a make-up person. I'm just too lazy, really. But every once in a while I buy some on a whim.

The other day I wandered into BeneFit, which I'd always liked the look of, window shopping. I was impressed with the product, but of course I was much more interested in the packaging.

And then I thought of this other stuff I saw at Target, called Soap and Glory. Sort of going for the same thing. I think it's the low-end brand of somebody else...(I could find this out in about two seconds with Google but I'm going to stay ignorant for a while.)


Monday, July 07, 2008

Commenter kmsqrd mentioned laptop stickers, or skins, as an alternative to the funka-dells...and I think I may have even blogged these a while ago but they've expanded their inventory like crazy, and they're great. I'm getting one as soon as I get a new laptop.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Better than 66

I love the packaging on Route 29 candy. And a lot of it comes in tins, I think.

(To be honest, I wouldn't actually eat the stuff in the below box, it sounds too weird, but isn't the look just great? However, the peanut butter sticks sound delicious...)

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