Friday, November 05, 2010

Not the Dewey decimal system

Now, there's no way in the world I'll be able to afford this, but it's not just about possible, right? We've got to celebrate the covetable.

This is by Finnish-Ugandan designer Lincoln Kayiwa. I adore the way it makes a mish-mash seem purposeful. I mean, this is sort of what my bookshelf looks like anyway, only boringly flat.

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So there's a lot of nice stuff out there. But sometimes I see something that just makes me go ding! And it's often not the cutest thing or the design-y-est thing or the most on-trend-y-est thing out there.

It's just something that I, Maya, love.

Like this.

Even though it's from Urban Outfitters and I have nowhere to put it, I am vastly tempted.

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